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About us


Key Achievements:

  1. School Administration: In 2003, the school-affair-administration system was first kicked off. It is responsible for handling the administrative affairs of the Academic Affairs Office and the Student Affairs Office.
  2. E-Learning: The Pingtung Network University was first kicked off in 2002, which provides a web server for remote access of some course materials. Also several lectures have been jointly conducted with some oversea universities (e.g., ) through Internet. In 2006, a new e-learning platform, funded by the Ministry of Education, was established. The platform provides a comprehensive lecturing environment for both synchronous and asynchronous styles of communications. Up to 7/2007, there are more than 60% of university courses using this platform for lecturing.
  3. Campus Networking: Providing a high-speed and ubiquitous network access has been our goal. In 1990, more than 16 kilometers of optical fiber was deployed campus-wide. In 2003, the campus backbone was upgraded to Gigabit Ethernet. In 2004, we further increased the external Internet connection to 1 Gigabit/second and become a member of the New Era Backbone, funded by the Ministry of Education. In 2005, a wireless (WiFi) network was deployed which covered over 80% of the campus, and a self-developed network management system was put in service. In 2006, the mobile Voice-over-IP telephony service was launched.
  4. Antivirus and Information Security: In order to protect the campus network from malicious attack, in 2004, we installed the intrusion prevention system (Giga NetKeeper) and information filter (XKeeper). In 2005, we further installed a firewall (NetScreen5200) and a flow controller (Quota Keeper).